What is Aarogya Setu App and Its Functions

After lockdown, social distancing and hygiene guidelines, here comes another significant initiative from the government in India. “Aarogya Setu App” is the latest addition as a measure to fight against coronavirus spread. The deadly virus, also known as COVID-19, is basically designed to track the people infected with the virus around a person. The literal Sanskrit terms Aarogya and Setu mean free from disease and bridge respectively. Hence, the app is developed as a bridge of health against the corona pandemic. We give you important information about the app and how to benefit from it.

Where does India stand in the fight against COVID-19?

While India is comparatively performing better than several countries in controlling the spread of corona, the cases of patients dying and infected with the virus are increasing day by day. Considering the country’s enormous population, the government is going through the toughest time to control the spread and save lives.

On the other hand, corona warriors such as police, health experts, and volunteers have been working parallel to the objectives of the government while risking themselves. The decision to lockdown the entire country for weeks has been notable step in the fight. Following social distancing measure and washing hands frequently are some of the basic guidelines that the citizens have been religiously doing since the inception of corona outbreak.


How can people of India benefit from Aarogya Setu App?

While a list of measures and announcements by the government have been for a specific region or community so far, Aarogya Setu App is aimed to help every individual at a personal level, irrespective of which part of India he/she is located at present. Once you have downloaded the app and start using it, it will immediately inform you if you have unknowingly come in contact with a corona virus infected person.

While following the strict guidelines of the government to stay at home, once in a while you may have to come out to buy something important or during an emergency. In such a case, the app will help you know if you have unknowingly touched an infected person. Therefore, downloading the app right away is the most sensible step you can take as a responsible citizen for now.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Twitter handle says, “Aarogya Setu is an important step in our fight against COVID-19. By leveraging technology, it provides important information. As more and more people use it, it’s effectiveness will increase. I urge you all to download it.”

PM has urged the same message to the citizens in other social media platforms as well.


How to use the Aarogya Setu App?

The app has been launched on both iOS and Android platforms and thus, users can download this app from iOS AppStore or PlayStore.


It is a user-friendly app with interface made as simple as possible for the convenience of the users. Hence, the problem of using this app and understanding the information will not be a problem at all. The app has been reportedly downloaded more than 10 million times already by the users of Google Play Store. Read below the important points about the app.

  1. You will be asked to share your location after downloading the app.
  2. A message saying “you will be alerted if you pass close to a corona infected person” will appear.
  3. Important measures such as self-isolation and symptoms of corona are also shared with you.
  4. The terms and conditions of the app will appear. Read and accept.
  5. You will be asked to enter your mobile number.
  6. You will receive an OTP. Once you share the OTP, the app will be active.
  7. Inform and encourage your friends and family to download Aarogya Setu App.


What are the other features of Aarogya Setu App?

The input of your location and mobile’s Bluetooth sensor will help the app detect your movement. Therefore, enable your Bluetooth feature along with location settings while downloading the app. One of the most amazing features of Aarogya Setu is the availability of information in 11 languages that includes English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Tamil. Once you open the app, the choice of language will be given.

Every information related to COVID-19 and ways to protect yourself from the disease is provided. It will tell you all the dos and don’ts related to this pandemic phase. The videos of PM Modi are published from time to time to let you know the progress against the corona fight. Those who wish to donate can find a link to donate to PM Care Fund in the app.

Phase 2 of lockdown in the country has already begun and it is going to last till May 3, 2020. Till then stay assured and stay safe in every possible manner. Make the lockdown phase 2 a successful one by making Aarogya Setu app a part of your daily life.

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