Go Go Squid: #5 Best and #3 Worst Things [Non-Stop Binge-Watch Edition]

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Finally! I did it. I binge-watch the entire season of Go Go Squid tv series in a single day.

Well, that’s a fantastic feat for me. 41 episodes of 45 minutes each, finished in 24 hours. How did I pull this off?

Well, all thanks to everyone involved in making such a tremendous Chinese romance drama. It’s only me. Several Kdrama lovers have found the show to be amazing. You can see it yourself:

As you can see, MyDramalist has rated the tv series 8.7/10, IMDB has rated 7.7 & last but not the least, VIKI with 9.6 stars from a total of 13672 ratings.

Looking at this, I can clearly say the popularity of Go Go Squid is not limited to China. It’s loved all over the world.

That’s amazing, right?

That was all about the popularity of the Go Go Squid tv series. What about other aspects like storyline details or cast details for the poor souls who haven’t watched the show yet?

Go Go Squid TV Series Storyline

That’s the main part. After reading this, you’ll decide whether to watch the tv series or not. So, read this short synopsis of Go Go Squid carefully.

Go Go, Squid! is a romance story of the two main leads Tong Nian (Yang Zi) & Han Shang Yan (Li Xian).

Tong Nian (19) is a brilliant IT programming student with stellar grades in academics. That’s not it.

She is also a singing phenomenon on social media because of her covers of Japanese Songs. Unlike nerds at her age, she never faced any problem in meeting new people or making friends.

But all these changes when her opposite lead Han Shang Yan (HSY) appears into her life for the 1st time.

Who is he, or what’s the role HSY is playing? In the world of professional gaming, everyone regards him as a legend.

Sounds Interested, right?

Now, coming to the reasons, here are the five reasons why you should start viewing Go Go Squid as soon as possible.

How to Stream Go Go Squid TV Series

Go Go Squid Kiss
Go Go Squid Kiss

Well, it’s quite simple. You can check out these sites or apps to stream your favorite show. Here the best thing is if you don’t know the native language of the tv shows, you can always find their subtitles in the English language or the one you speak.

Go Go Squid Season 1 on DramaCool

If you want to watch the Chinese romantic comedy tv series on a web browser, then the best streaming platform I will recommend you is Dramacool. You can find all the episodes along with their subtitles for free. Although, you do get in-between video ads quite frequently.

Go Go Squid Season 1 on Viki

What if you don’t wanna watch this Chinese tv series on a web browser? What are some other options?

Well, I use the Viki app on my android phone. Although, Viki is not a completely free streaming service but yeah! You do get to watch some excellent Asian drama for free.

And B.T.W., in terms of pricing, Viki Pass is not that much costly. The starter plan will cost you $9.99 annually. In this pack, you can watch your favorite show in HD Quality & without ads. With Viki Pass, you get complete Chromecast support along with delayed access to Viki exclusive shows.

Go Go Squid OST

What makes a Chinese/Korean tv series hit? Acting, Direction, Story & most importantly, a vast collection of OST. You can think of OST as the main ingredient of a good recipe. This is what makes good tv series to an all-time classic series.

Well, in terms of OST, Go Go Squid TV Series never disappoints. It has a total of 8 original Soundtracks. You can check out their name from the below-mentioned list:

  1. A Nameless Person
  2. Milk Bread
  3. Love Is Not Up To Me
  4. Give to the Future
  5. I Can Not Care About You
  6. Couldn’t leave
  7. Glory
  8. The Happiness of Walking Together

All these 8 Soundtracks are amazing, but ‘A Nameless Person’ is my favorite one. This was me.

What about you?

Which one’s your favorite OST in Go Go Squid? Let me know in the comments section given below.

Go Go Squid Season 2 Release Date

After a superhit season 1, its obvious, Go Go Squid fans (Including me) would be curious to know the status of season 2.

So, will there be Go Go Squid Season 2?

Well, as of now, the answer is ‘No.’ The original release of Go-Go Squid Season 1 was in July last year.

At present, it’s Feb. of 2020 & to date; there’s isn’t any news regarding season 2.

Not even a rumor. So, I believe, the makers have marked a full stop to the season 2 release.

However, if there’s any update available in the nearest future, then I’ll let you guys know about this in my blog.

So, stay tuned.

#5 Things I Loved in Go Go Squid😍

Go Go Squid
Watching Go Go Squid

To make sure you don’t get confused with my review, I’m breaking it into two segments.

The 1st one will state you the five things I loved in Go Go Squid & the 2nd will tell you the three things I hated in the Chinese series. Let’s jump ahead:

Solid chemistry between main leads

First & foremost, I would appreciate the two lead actors Yang Zi & Li Xian, for their superb chemistry as Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan.

After watching the 1st few episodes, I even googled to check their relationship status.

Crazy, right?

Any Go Go Squid would love to see them together in real life. However, as of now, the status is unknown.

Now, coming to their past work, Li Xian has played several minor roles, but none of them are anywhere close to Han Shang Yan.

His portrayal of ominous yet secretly sweet and loving man had won the millions of hearts of viewers. That’s the main reason behind him getting much-deserved love & affection from fans.

That was all about Li Xian. What about Yang Zi?

Well, she started off her acting career as a child actress & since then, she has worked in several popular C-dramas such as Ashes of Love and Legend of the Dragon Pearl: The Indistinguishable Road.

In the Chinese entertainment industry, she is considered as an actor to have good chemistry with the male leads.

After looking at their onscreen & offscreen chemistry, fans were so awestruck that they trended their couple’s name on twitter with #TongYan.

No Antagonists

To date, I’ve watched hundreds of KDrama and CDrama. Most of them had a bad guy(s) in it.

And when I watched a few episodes of Go Go Squid, I was surprised. How come a Chinese Drama was so good without a villain. Be it a tv show or a movie, Antagonists play a significant role in making the plot enjoyable.

Villains are the reason why the general audience starts loving the main protagonist.

In Go Go Squid, there were some moments when characters got on my nerves. However, at the end of the day, they were able to redeem themselves.

All in all, Go Go Squid almost has no unlikeable characters. Even when a less likable character appeared, their portrayal was adjusted in a fun way. This helped in easing out all the on-going tensions and bring laughter to viewers, making the drama a delightful one to watch.

Important life lessons to learn from

It’s great to see when a tv show that you watch with complete passion teaches you some valuable life lessons. After reading a small description, you might believe it to be only a romance story.

No. It’s completely wrong.

Apart from romance, Go Go Squid teaches several life lessons related to friendships, family ties, and chasing your dreams.

From the beginning, it was all about Han Shang Yan & his pursuit of a dream.

Throughout his journey, he faced several challenges, but he never lost hope. Everyone (including me) who has done hard work & fought for their dream, can relate to this. That’s a valuable lesson. This inspires me & millions of other fans.

Go Go Squid teaches us to never give up on our dreams & do whatever it takes to make it a reality.

Furthermore, you get to see bromance throughout the series between the main characters.

No loopholes 

Before watching the series, I had heard many people saying Go Go Squid has no loopholes.

What do I think of this after watching the drama? Talking about loopholes, a typical Chinese show does not have more than 30 episodes.

That was it. Initially, I believed airing so many episodes may lead to some loopholes.

Well, this time, I was wrong. I accept it, but, in the past, I’ve seen several series that have lost the plot midway of the show. So, it was apparent of me to think it like that.

But all credit goes to the makers. They carried out all the episodes with complete precision.

I won’t say it was all perfect. There were some things I didn’t like. Let’s discuss them out one by one.

Eye Candies?

What’s the fun in watching a drama if there are no eye candies, ain’t I, right? Aside from the good-looking main leads, the supporting casts are equally attractive looking!

#3 Things I hated in Go Go Squid

What were the three things I didn’t like in Chinese Drama? Let’s jump straight away to find out

Worst Dressing Sense of the Main Lead

This is not about Li Xian. Out of all the cast members, he was the eye candy (Especially for ladies).

Isn’t this right?

By now, you might have guessed; It’s the female lead, Tong Nian (Yang Zi).

I’ve no idea why she dressed like the way in Go Go Squid. That was the worst. I can understand the makers were trying to make her look younger to HSY. However, that’s not the right way.

Deleted Episodes

Although, that’s not much big of a problem. But a small problem is still a problem that you can’t avoid.

Initially, Go Go Squid had 44 episodes. However, before airing the show, three episodes were deleted. Wanna know the reason?

Well, in the deleted episodes, there was some footage of popular FPS Shooter game CSGO Counterstrike. For a die-hard fan, every episode counts.

I would have loved the deleted episodes. However, to pass the TV station rules, the makers were forced to remove all the CSGO referenced episodes.

I hope shortly; we got to see these episodes, even if it is unofficially. What do you think? Will you watch them? Do let me know in the comments section.

Bonus – The deleted episode had footage of the Han Shangyan floor kissing😣.

No update on Go Go Squid Season 2 Release

That’s a bummer😞. There’s no definitive information on whether we’ll have Go Go Squad Season 2 or not. It would have been surprising if the makers had announced it already.

Nonetheless, what else can we do? Nothing, but wait.

Wrapping Up

Every show we watch has some good and bad memories. In the case of Go Go Squid, it’s mainly positive. Although Go Go Squid Season 1 ended, I’m looking forward to watching Go Go Squid Season 2 (If Possible😟).

Don’t get disappointed. That’s not the end. Soon, I would be coming back with yet another review. Presently, I’m watching yet another K-Drama Meeting Me Softly. Stay tuned with my blog for my complete review soon. In the meanwhile, you can check out my other post on a most awaited anime of the year Code Geass Season 3.

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