Ravi Teja Freaks Out in Disco Raja

After a long gap Ravi Teja is back and this time it’s bigger and better than ever. As the trailer is revealed, his fans have gone super excited. In my opinion, the trailer is so nicely crafted that any movie lover will instantly go crazy. However, his last couple of projects have been badly smashed in the Box Office, with few of them being Amar Akbar Anthony, Nella Ticket, Touch Chesi Chudu.

With the upcoming film, Ravi Teja is likely to make a comeback. The latest Disco Raja trailer showcases the  Stylish Action Avatar of the actor. For that, a big hand of applause goes for VI Anand the director of the Disco Raja. The Director is also credited for bringing back the Daddie Baddie Role of Ravi Teja which is loved by everyone. Without further ado, let’s have an eye on the plot of Disco Raja.

Ravi teja Disco Raja
Ravi Teja Disco Raja

The Plot

Medical Research is conducted by a Corporate Giant but its not that simple. The Project is Prohibited by Indian Council for Medical Research where Corporates are performing that for monetary benefit. The corporate giant chooses protagonist Ravi Teja as he is an orphan and doesn’t have any record or reports.

On such grounds, it becomes easy to perform an experiment on a person who is not there in any records legally, claiming the person never existed. Will Business Tycoon be able to fulfill his greedy plans? What is the project all about? How will the protagonist act to safeguard humanity?

My Opinion

Disco Raja’s first looks are enough to please anyone as Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is back in his old aura. Director VI Anand has succeeded to deliver a sleek stylish first look loaded with elements that will thrill the audience. Glamorous Payal Rajput gives a hint of his de-glam role as visible in the trailer of Disco Raja.

The Movie production scale looks huge and Visually appealing. On the other hand, dialogues are elevating too. SS Thaman background music acts as a cherry on the cake. Overall the trailer sparks curiosity and can’t explain in words. You must experience it by watching the trailer of Disco Raja Given below.

Wrapping Up

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